Meet Your Coach

Meet Eileen Monesson, Marketing Strategist/Coach

Are you ready to dominate the market and make more money? Let me show you how that is possible and provided you with proven strategies to make that happen.

If you are frustrated by the fact that your business is growing slowly or not at all, profits are not what they should be, you compete on price, and lose too often the competition, I am the marketing strategist/coach for you. My proven approach will help you to build a highly profitable and successful business. Imagine what your life will be like when you no longer have to worry about cash flow and have enough money to live the life you desire.

I can show you in just 45 minutes how to increase your revenue by minimum of $10K to more than $50K by identifying simple strategies to make more money. But that's just the beginning. I will work with you to out-market, out-think, and out-sell your competition so that you can dominate the market.

With more than thirty years of experience, I am a results-focused marketing, PR and communications professional with a proven ability to identify and capitalize on market opportunities to drive brand recognition and accelerate revenue growth. My strategic approach has helped professional service providers and small business owners generate more leads and win more business through compelling and effective marketing.

Ready to get started! Contact me at 848-459-3130 or